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Trading the world a better place by tokenizing charities.

Donating and investing at the same time.

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Tokenizing charities

Unityswap creates unique crypto currencies for charities that want to digitalise fundraising.




Automated fundraising

 There is 1% of every transaction instantly donated to the charity that is paired with the token.


100% Decentralized

The charity’s wallet is linked to the 1% donation fee for 100% decentralization and security.


Contributing to society

By trading charity tokens you can contribute to society and invest at the same time.

Unityswap provides a fintech solution for charities with crypto-based fundraising powered by their own currency.

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Trading and donating at the same time

The rapidly growing digitization offers many opportunities for fundraising. We help charities create a new way of fundraising by creating their own donation-generating currency. Let's trade the world a better place.

Reaching a younger audience

Our goal is to bring charities in touch with the new generation through tokenizing. Crypto-based fundraising helps charities with creating awareness for solving global issues and contributing to society.

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We are Unityswap

Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for charity tokenization and crypto-based fundraising. We believe that blockchain innovation can create a revolution for digital fundraising. Our goal is to empower charities and help them solving global issues by creating their own automated donation token.