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Connecting crypto currency and
fundraising for a better world.

Our story

Unityswap started in March 2021 with the idea to create a digital solution for fundraising. The idea came when our founders (Luc Hijdra & Robby Muilman) saw that the COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on charities in terms of fundraising. After doing research about traditional fundraising methods they came to the conclusion that innovation was needed. Digital fundraising is a effective way of raising funds, our vision is to create a revolutionary way of fundraising by tokenizing charities. With the new market of crypto currency and blockchain technology we can create new possibilites for charities to help them with solving global issues and achieving sustainable development goals.

What is Unityswap

Unityswap is a protocol for charity tokenization. We help charities with the process of crypto-based fundraising, from developing their own token to creating a save wallet to store their donations.
The tokenized charities have a 1% donation fee which allows charities to fundraise through their own currency. The charity tokens are available on our own decentralized exchange and (coming soon) and any other DEX that is build on the Binance Smart-Chain.
All coins offered by Unityswap are made in collaboration with charities. Our goal is to use crypto currency to provide charities with more financial opportunities for solving global issues.



Unityswap provides a fintech solution for fundraising by tokenizing charities.


Creating crypto-based fundraising through the 1% donation fee on every transaction.


The charity’s wallet is linked to the 1% donation fee for instant and secure donating.


By promoting projects of our partners we can create more awareness for global issues.

Unityswap provides a fintech solution for charities with crypto-based fundraising powered by their own currency.


Charities have the abillity to adapt to the world of tomorrow.

Global digitization has created many opportunities for charities to anticipate and find new solutions for fundraising. Unityswap helps charities to create a new way of fundraising with the power of blockchain technology.

In collaboration with charities we can create more opportunities for solving global issues

Our goal is to create more awareness and financial opportunities to solve global issues such as human rights, climate change, healthcare and racism. Charities don't have to invest anything in Unityswap, it's all on us.


Charities we work with

We are Unityswap

Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for charity tokenization and crypto-based fundraising. We believe that blockchain innovation can create a revolution for digital fundraising. Our goal is to empower charities and help them solving global issues by creating their own automated donation token.