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Learn more about our official partnerships and
how your charity can join the Unityswap platform.

We are connected with charities worldwide that have shown they can make a difference.

“Digital fundraising is a challenge for many charities. To reach a different audience you have to diversify fundraising activities. The growing adoption of crypto currency is an opportunity for charities.

Unityswap helps with creating their own token, creating a safe decentralized wallet and connecting them with our network & community. Creating awareness is as valuable as raising funds. We want to make sure that our investors are aware of the impact they can make by trading our tokens. On the blog page we will post projects from our connected charities. Unityswap is created with love and concerns about the future, our service is 100% free for charities”

Join Unityswap

Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for charity tokenization and crypto-based fundraising. We believe that blockchain innovation can create a revolution for digital fundraising. Our goal is to empower charities and help them solving global issues by creating their own automated donation token.