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Frequently asked question about Unityswap.

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Unityswap is the world’s first fintech platform that helps NGOs to collect decentralized donations.

The world is digitizing at a rapid pace. Blockchain technology has created many opportunities for NGOs to discover new ways of fundraising. Unityswap helps NGOs with seizing these opportunities by creating their own token that generates donations with every transaction that is made.

Every NGO can create their own token powered by Unityswap. This token has a 1% donation fee which is connected to the wallet owned by the NGO. With every buy and sell order, 1% of the transaction is directly donated to the associated NGO. This is how Unityswap created a new way of donating fundraising just by trading.

We believe that the digitalization of fundraising can create more opportunities to solve global problems.

For every global issue, there is a coin linked to a NGO that helps to solve that problem. Unityswap is made for investors who want to make a difference.

In addition to that Unityswap provides multiple usecases to their token:

– Stake & Donate (Staking on a NGO and automatically donating 10% of the rewards)

– Farm & Donate (Farm on a NGO and automatically donating 10% of the rewards)

– Getting access to NGO token pre-sales when staking

– Buying exclusive NGO NFT collections on our NFT marketplace

– Earning rewards for holding by the 1% distribution fee for all token holders

– Getting access to NGO token pre-sales when staking

– Buyting tokenized assets & wearables in the metaverse

Unlike other NGO related crypto projects, Unityswap is the first tokenizing platform for NGO organisations. Our company is building a bridge between the regular NGO business and the crypto space. We are doing this by collaborating with NGOs and help them with the transition from web2.0 to web3.0. Thanks to our smart contract, all donations are sent directly to the NGO. As a result, we do not keep any of the donations ourselves. We personally help NGOs to create their coin and provide them with all the information they need before launching their own coin. All tokenized NGOs are created through official collaborations. Our team helps NGO organisations with implementing crypto in their organisation first. We do this by giving them legal and tax advice from our direct partners so the transition becomes much easier.
The goal of Unityswap is to create a better world. The collaborations are completely free of charge.

We are Unityswap

Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for NGO tokenization and crypto-based fundraising. We believe that blockchain innovation can create a revolution for digital fundraising. Our goal is to empower NGOs and help them solving global issues by creating their own automated donation token.