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Frequently asked question about Unityswap.

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Unityswap is a protocol for charity tokenization. We help charities with the process of crypto-based fundraising.
The tokenized charities have a 1% donation fee which allows charities to raise funds through their own currency.
All coins offered by Unityswap are made in collaboration with charities. Our goal is to use crypto currency to provide charities with more financial opportunities for solving global issues.

Every charity has its own token. A 1% donation fee is built into the smart contract of their own token that is linked to their own private wallet. With every buy and sell order, 1% of the transaction goes directly to charity. The advantage of this is that charities are not dependent on the price but on trading volume. This results in a stable form of income for the charities This smart contract is called ”Invest & Donate” and is made to maximize security and decentralization.

We believe that the digitalization of fundraising can create more opportunities to solve global problems.

For every global issue, there is a coin linked to a charity that helps to solve that problem. Unityswap is made for investors who want to make a difference.

Besides investing in charity, you also invest in yourself. With the 1.25% distribution fee you will be rewarded for holding the coin. Our DEX will also contain functionalities that offer a lot of benefit for the charity tokens compared to other coins.

Unlike other charity related crypto projects, Unityswap is the first tokenizing protocol for charities.
Thanks to our smart contract, all donations are sent directly to the charity. As a result, we do not keep any of the donations ourselves.
We personally help charities to create their coin and provide them with all the information they need before launching their own coin. All tokenized charities are created through official collaborations.

The goal of Unityswap is to create a better world. The collaborations are completely free of charge.

We are Unityswap

Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for charity tokenization and crypto-based fundraising. We believe that blockchain innovation can create a revolution for digital fundraising. Our goal is to empower charities and help them solving global issues by creating their own automated donation token.